Gulf Coast War Memories Part II

Join WSRE on Veteran's Day , November 11 at 7 p.m. for Part II of Gulf Coast War Memories, featuring veterans from the Gulf Coast Area. Read the article from November's Preview Guide (Adobe Reader required).


Premieres Friday, Sept. 21 | 8 p.m.

See additional local interviews in the last 20 minutes following Episodes 5 & 7 of The War - additional previews

The flash of lights in the sky. Discovering that almost two dozen of your high school classmates were killed in the war. The fear of the sound of incoming aircraft. The knock at the door. 

These are just a few of the memories shared by local WWII veterans and their families. Nostalgic memories. Painful, tragic memories. Memories of an important time in our nation’s history that demonstrate the courage, dedication, patriotism and bravery of these citizens and soldiers.

Gulf Coast War Memories LogoWatch as John Appleyard (view John Appleyard's image gallery) describes working in the 114th Evacuation Hospital in Germany and his astonishment as he develops a roll of film showing victims of the Holocaust — long before the world discovered that Hitler was torturing and  exterminating the Jews. Listen as Dr. Langley Bell (view Dr. Langley Bell's image gallery) reads the names of 22 of his classmates from Pensacola High School who were killed in WWII. Share in the moment that Hilda Holm Cyphers (view Hilda Holm Cyphers' image gallery) answered the knock at the door to discover uniformed soldiers delivering a telegram with the news her brother John had been killed in Okinawa.

Gulf Coast War Memories TimesJohn Rutledge shares eye-witness accounts of the attack on Pearl Harbor and being knocked off the deck of the USS California after a Japanese torpedo struck the ship. Bob Blackington recounts hearing the news that war had been declared and how rationing and recycling became a patriotic duty. Glen Wallace (view Glen Wallace's Image Gallery) relates his experiences during combat missions and describes his first “kill.” Arthur Williams (view Arthur Williams' Image Gallery) recalls the pride he felt as a member of the Tuskegee Airmen. James Stofer describes visiting the grave of his brother in Europe, 40 years after he had been killed in WWII. James Reese counts himself lucky and wonders how he managed to survive when so many others did not.

Watch WSRE on Friday, September 21 at 8 p.m. to see Gulf Coast War Memories and witness first-hand accounts of experiences from the home front and the front lines. Additional segments of Gulf Coast War Memories will air immediately following Ken Burns’ documentary The War at approximately 9:05 p.m. on both Sunday, September 30 and Tuesday, October 2. And stay tuned on Veteran’s Day on November 11 to witness even more local veterans and citizens sharing their World War II memories in Part 2 of Gulf Coast War Memories.

WSRE is proud to help preserve the memories and the legacies of these soldiers and citizens from the Gulf Coast. WSRE invites you to share your memories of WWII with future generations by contributing your stories and pictures using StoryShare.

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