Teachers' Domain

WSRE, PBS for the Gulf Coast, through a partnership with the WGBH Educational Foundation, is pleased to bring you the FREE collections of Teachers' Domain, featuring:

  • High-quality multi-media resources
  • Video and audio clips
  • Interactive features, images, downloadable documents
  • Explanatory background articles for each resource
  • Media-rich lesson plans
  • Inquiry-based methodology
  • Integration of technology into the curriculum
  • Correlations to state and national curriculum standards
  • Resource management tools

Teacher’s Domain is an online educational resource that offers a classroom-ready, media-on-demand resource library for educators and students. WSRE is your access point to the Teacher’s Domain collections, which feature innovative resources to enhance students’ learning experiences and professional development courses for educators to expand teaching skills.

These online resources provide multi-media learning tools and corresponding lesson plans from NOVA, NATURE, American Experience, Between The Lions and other award-winning PBS programs and educational organizations. Currently containing more than 1,000 resources, the collections are constantly adding new materials.


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