Season 7

It's a new year and we're pleased to announce Season 7 will air this summer.

The Rips—an emerging three-piece band from Destin whose sound resembles old vinyl from the 50s or 60s with vintage guitar tones, smooth melodies and catchy grooves.

Lauren Kay—Americana blues with Southern roots describes the music of Lauren Kay, who released her debut album in January.

Noiseheads—The alternative band will perform an “unplugged” version of “1994,” which has appeared on’s Top 10 Albums list.

Willie Sugarcapps—an organic, artisanal collaboration who has produced impeccably crafted songs of country Zen sentiment with a varied instrumental mix.

Continuum—an indie pop band composed of four distinct musicians, combining elements of acoustic folk, contemporary pop, indie rock and classical.

Sway Jah Vu—a reggae fusion band who produces distinct acoustic reggae-rock sounds blending soul, jazz and funk.

Jeff Glickman & The Panhandle Allstars—an ensemble of accomplished musicians who describes their bluesy-rock, slice-of-life music as lyrical, funny and slightly unsettling.