WSRE Video on Demand - Conversations with Jeff Weeks: Bobby Allison

Now a NASCAR legend with an unparalleled racing career, Bobby tells how his racing career began and his rise to the top of the sport. With over 84 wins in NASCAR's premier racing series he is tied for third on the all-time win list. Perhaps his most notable win at Daytona came in 1988 when he and his late son Davey Allison battled in the final laps of the race to ultimately finish one-two, a historic finish he says he can no longer remember. Later that year, Bobby was involved in a career ending wreck sustaining injuries that caused some memory loss. Bobby was also involved in one of most talked about moments in NASCAR history — the 1979 Daytona 500. Following the race an infamous physical altercation between Bobby and Cale Yarborough played out live to a huge national television audience. It's been said the event launched NASCAR into the mainstream popularity it enjoys today.

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