WSRE Video on Demand - Conversations with Jeff Weeks: Mark Whitacre

His story has been turned into a movie starring Matt Damon — "The Informant." From blowing the whistle on one of the biggest price fixing scandals in history to embezzling over nine million dollars, Mark Whitacre's life seems almost like fiction. Mark gives a detailed account of how he worked with the FBI to expose ADM's price fixing activities, while at the same time embezzling money from ADM for himself. After paying his debt to society, Whitacre is now making the most of his second chance. The supervising FBI agent on the case has called Whitacre a hero, others say he has not received the credit he deserves for his role in exposing ADM — an action that ultimately led to saving consumers billions. Whitacre is extremely candid and detailed about his fascinating story.

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