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Frequently Asked Questions

What is WSRE Passport?

WSRE Passport is a new member benefit which provides WSRE donors extended on-demand access to a rich library of quality public television programming online and via your mobile device. This is one of the many benefits that WSRE provides its donors along with the program guide and other thank you gifts based on the level of your donation.

Why is WSRE making this service available?

As more and more people are watching television content on computers and digital devices, WSRE Passport gives WSRE donors a way to enjoy extended access to on-demand PBS and WSRE content on platforms including computers, smartphones, and tablets.

What kind of content can people find on WSRE Passport?

WSRE Passport includes several hundred hours of programming, representing many genres, including drama, science, history, natural history and the arts. Notable titles include MASTERPIECE series such as “Downton Abbey” and “Wolf Hall,” along with other favorites such as Nature, Great Performances, Vicious, Earth: A New Wild, How We Got to Now, The Great British Baking Show and many more. WSRE Passport also includes popular WSRE local programs. The WSRE Passport library will continue to grow as more series and episodes are added.

How can viewers find content that’s available on WSRE Passport?

Members who wish to take advantage of WSRE Passport must activate their account for access. They will be asked to register to confirm their identity and membership status in order to start enjoying WSRE Passport. WSRE Passport can be accessed on, the PBS video apps for Android and Apple’s iOS smartphones and tablets, and Apple TV.

To get started, look for videos with the Passport icon:

These videos are only available to users who are registered for WSRE Passport.

Who is eligible for WSRE Passport?

WSRE Passport is the newest member benefit available from WSRE for donors with a yearly contribution of at least $60 or an ongoing monthly contribution of $5 or more. It cannot be purchased separately. Click here to donate now to access this service.

Activation typically has to be completed in a few steps, which has been itemized in the list below: 

  1. Login onto (or feel free to click the link)
  2. Once you’ve made it to the page, click the red box which says “Click Here To Enter Your Activation Code.”
  3. Enter your activation code into the box present on the page. The activation code or “token” will be found in your email inbox immediately after donation. It’s typically a 4 digit code separated by 4 hyphens.
  4. Click the green box which says “continue.”
  5. The next page will ask if you would like to login into Passport using Facebook, Google or by creating a PBS account. We strongly suggest creating a PBS account for consistency and ease of access, but you are welcome to use whichever method you’d like.
  6. If you choose to create a PBS account, the website will generate a confirmation email and sent it to whichever email account you chose. In the event that happens, please check your email inbox and confirm the email account.
  7. After email confirmation, please return to and scroll the page until you find the option which states: “I Already Activated.” Click the red highlighted, underlined “Click Here” option and it will take you a sign in page to get to passport.
  8. Using the sign in method you chose or PBS account information, login to the site and you should have Passport access! On behalf of everyone here at the station, we would like to thank you for your pledge of support to WSRE and we hope that we can continue to produce quality content for you. Should you have any further questions, please contact PBS Tech Support at 1-844-417-6327 or email for further assistance.

Will there still be free streaming on and

PBS and WSRE content will continue to be available for free on the website, and other digital platforms. WSRE Passport provides extended access to a rich library of content for WSRE members to enjoy.

What desktop browser do I need?

WSRE Passport supports the latest versions of Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

How does WSRE Passport align with the mission of public television?

WSRE content is shared widely with the public on air, online and on mobile devices after a program airs – that has not changed. WSRE Passport goes one step further by offering extended access to additional content for station donors.

I’m not seeing my favorite PBS show in WSRE Passport. Why not?

Initially, several hundred hours of content will be available via WSRE Passport. This library of content will continue to grow over time as more titles are added. Unfortunately, programs like Doc Martin and Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries will not be added to Passport because if digital rights restrictions.

I cannot afford to donate at this time. Is there a way for me to view this content?

All broadcast content remains available to all viewers on air per our broadcast schedule and will remain online and on mobile for at least two weeks and, in some cases, longer. We believe the new arrangement allows for ample viewing of excellent content, albeit for a more limited time for some programs.

Is WSRE Passport available outside the U.S.?

Streaming video from WSRE–including video that this available to WSRE donors– is only available within the United States.

Technical Problems?

Please call PBS directly at 1-844-417-6327 or email PBS at