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Meet the WSRE Team

Jill Hubbs
General Manager

Broadcast Operations & Facilities

Darrel Harrison
Engineering & Broadcast Director

Joe Clary
Engineering & Broadcast Assistant Director


Station Business & Administration Foundation Treasurer

Laura Shaud
Business & Administration Director

Ann McGuire
Accounting Specialist


Marketing and Communications

Mary Riker
Marketing and Communications Director

Ryan O'Keeley
Digital Marketing & Content Manager

Tracey Burgess
Digital Arts & Graphics Design Coordinator


Program Operations and Traffic

Mike Rowan
Senior Producer & Director

Ted King
Producer & Director

Brent Burton
Traffic Manager

Donna Lymons
Operations Specialist Master Control

Cheri Bone
Program Operations Assistant Manager


Education Content & Services

Jill Hubbs
Education Content & Services Director


Development and Community Engagement

Suzie Payne
Community Engagement Senior Admin Assistant

Paul Cope
Corporate & Grant Support Manager

Patience Weaver
Database Coordinator