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About the Show

He was originally from New Orleans and renowned for preparing the Creole, Cajun and French cuisine of the region, though he mastered and taught a variety of international recipes and cooking techniques.
Fans of the program will fondly recall his raised wine glass and parting words at the end of each show, “À bientôt!”

Peyroux called Pensacola home for four decades before his death in 2003. As published in memoriam by the Pensacola State College Foundation’s Compendium magazine, “He is fondly remembered as a Southern gentleman whose love for cooking was rivaled only by his love for sharing his cooking tips with others.”

Earl Peyroux’s legendary culinary talent and gift for teaching others to cook live on through WSRE’s rebroadcast of “Gourmet Cooking.”

Funded by donations from fans and friends of the late Chef Earl Peyroux, select episodes of the locally produced and nationally broadcast program “Gourmet Cooking” were retrieved from WSRE’s archives for broadcast in 2015 and have remained available for online viewing.

The show’s beloved host, Peyroux was a culinary teacher at Pensacola Junior College in 1977 when he was asked to host a cooking show on WSRE, the public television station then licensed to the PJC District Board of Trustees.

Originally booked for 13 shows, Peyroux hosted more than 600 episodes of “Gourmet Cooking” over the next 18 years. The popular show was picked up by the Public Broadcasting System in 1982 and aired nationally through the early 1990s.