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Activation connects your member info with a sign-in method you choose. You only need to activate ONCE for access on WSRE or from any computer or device.

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How do I find my activation code?

If you are an active member of WSRE ($60+ annual, or $5+ monthly), look for an email from Member Services that contains your activation code or click on the link below to look it up online.

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If you don’t have an email from us, please click here to search for your activation code.

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If you have already activated your WSRE Passport account, click here to sign in to your PBS Account.

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If you are not a current member, click here to donate now and become a member. (if you donate $60+ or $5+ monthly you will receive a WSRE Passport activation code via email.)

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If you have already donated to WSRE and want access to your account information, click here.

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Please call PBS directly at 1-844-417-6327 or email PBS at